Sunday, November 15, 2009

Steve Wolf and Sam Winston

After tirelessly thinking about a great post that would inspire the entire printmaking studio, Steve Wolf and Sam Winston are two artist that I decided to share with everyone for today! After searching the internet for inspirational stories and even a great video I continued to think about the manifesto that I just finished. I am constantly questioning why I create art and what is it exactly that the patterns, shapes and colors provide for my viewer.

Steve Wolf caught my eye because of the precision used in his work. Currently being exhibited at the Whitney are his works on paper. While I have a very fuzzy and unclear descriptions of exactly what it is that I create I was very interested in the first line written on the Whitney's website:

"For over two decades, Steve Wolf has created objects and drawings of astounding craft and visual presence that investigate the intersections among material culture, intellectual history, and personal and collective memory."

This idea struck me as very interesting and after a thorough investigation I am very attracted to his desire to recreate record labels, vinyl recordings, and tattered books with such precision.

This is one example of his works, and is something that may inspire many of us new, and or old printmakers.

Alongside Steve Wolf, I continue to come back to Sam Winston's work and investigate it time and time again. I am very interested in incorporating text within my work, however I am aware of strong meanings and implications that come with placing text on a page. Text is a very powerful tool and I want to make sure that I am saying exactly what I have in mind.

Winston creates books, drawings and sculptures that incorporate text in a subtle and creative way. Here is a few different works that I continue to look at again and again.

Everyone should check out his work:

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