Monday, March 30, 2009

wir haben

"ich habe" (from the demo) sounds like a great title - that idea had floated through my head as well..... and not just because I am a German minor ...... something about it speaks to me.....

maybe we could realize the communist silk screen altelier that some of us discussed in the demo as well....

along those lines, I highly recommend the movie, "The Legend of Rita"

Its a great film from the well known German director Volker Schlöndorff -- it is the story of a communist activist turned terrorist who runs from the law by escaping into communist east Germany, where she is harbored and given a new identity - only to discover that the communist cause she advocated is not the idealized world she had imagined....

on top of all that, it even involves a communist silkscreening altelier.....

Call for SHOW TITLES: Junior Show!!!

I'm jumping on the train started by John Witty in the last entry and starting an open forum for ideas for show titles!

Those of you who went to SGC certainly saw lots of those token things that occupy many printmakers...and artists in general. When I try to think of a title for a show, it usually has to do with a song lyric or something that would sound good as a band name. Or, it is something really pretentious and vague. I go both ways. Here's a list-some are old, some are new, some are real bad. 

1. Fighting Polar Bears
2. Under Pressure
3. From the demo: ICH HABE
4. Fresh Prints
5. Frozen Flowers
6. Cloud Room
7. Unicorns

Add to the list...

running list

(a better, more related image, like the cover of the latest issue of modern painters will follow soon)

This is something we've talked about - something that an SGC experience can certainly fuel.

Here goes, you'll know what it is:

bears, little girls, deer, taxidermy in general, animals, combined/ hybrid animals, old photos, SKULLS, (two of the above things we even encountered in living breathing dancing form at SGC - dancing bears and skulls in one location), cabinets of curiosities, ethnographic illustrations, dated machinery/ do it yourself manuals..... and the oddest one I can think of, but I did see it a number of times from different artists at SGC...... John Wilkes Booth....

what are these things? Themes? Ideas? Interests? Archetypes? Jungian signifiers of the collective unconscious? Whatever they are - they seem to be occupying us - as artists, as a generation thereof. Do we want to use these in any way? (Maybe in an upcoming exhibition title?)

add more

Monday, March 23, 2009

More than just taxidermy and little girls and bears??

The above work by the artist Carolyn Salas shows a deer -- one of many that seem to crop up left and right in. Why is this? Similar to what we discussed earlier this year with the "little girl/ bear" imagery, what are these images we see frequently? What themes do they indicate? What themes, ideas occupy our generation? (I think narrative is a big one - we all want to make our own little worlds a la Trenton Doyle Hancock....)

So what do we want to say with our show? "isms and itties" in the sculpture department was a fun investigation - a tongue in cheek comment on criticism -- so are we criticizing, investigating, celebrating, making a tribute to, rebelling against, manifestoeing, muckrackering, ...........or what?

Hate the deer, love the deer?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Plush Prints

Hey gang,

Today in my screen-printing class the professor suggested we try to make 3-D prints. His suggestions were: "soft sculpture - such as printing a picture of yourself (front and back) on fabric and stuffing it, or perhaps even a soft sculpture mobile...."

hmmmm..... that all sounds so vaguely familiar?

On another note, this professor is also on a mission to make all screen-printing materials non-toxic. He is going to show us how to make screen printing ink and the "goop" (sorry, I can't remember the name) that blocks out the screen edges.... I'll bring home recipes for anyone interested.