Monday, March 23, 2009

More than just taxidermy and little girls and bears??

The above work by the artist Carolyn Salas shows a deer -- one of many that seem to crop up left and right in. Why is this? Similar to what we discussed earlier this year with the "little girl/ bear" imagery, what are these images we see frequently? What themes do they indicate? What themes, ideas occupy our generation? (I think narrative is a big one - we all want to make our own little worlds a la Trenton Doyle Hancock....)

So what do we want to say with our show? "isms and itties" in the sculpture department was a fun investigation - a tongue in cheek comment on criticism -- so are we criticizing, investigating, celebrating, making a tribute to, rebelling against, manifestoeing, muckrackering, ...........or what?

Hate the deer, love the deer?

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Angela Malchionno said...

I like this deer-I also like the dialogue John Witty is attempting to initiate here.

Muckrackering? What is that, more importantly?