Monday, November 21, 2011


On Monday the printmaking department went on a STL studio tour. We visited all of our professors' studios as well as the Dean of Sam Fox Carmon Colangelo's studio and three different types of print shops scattered around St. Louis. Here are just a few images from each studio. 

Lisa Bulawsky 
Talking at Lisa's studio 
Lisa Bulawsky  
Matching press/flat files !!

Carmon Colangelo
Carmon Colangelo's studio

Work in progress 

Dean Colangelo showing Lauren Banka examples of process

Colangelo talking about his work 
Collage bits on the floor 

Tom Reed

Tom Reed talking about his book with the printmakers 

Tom Reed's drawing/painting

Jessica looking at Tom's etching 


Pele Prints

Plates on the large press at Pele Prints

Organization at Pele

Looking at the varied projects Amanda was working on

Firecracker Press
Firecracker Press on Cherokee Street
more of the storefront at Firecracker 


Anya and Rici looking at zines

The Gang talking about letterpress and design work

All Along Press

Everyone at All Along Press on Cherokee Street

Tools at All Along

Angela Machionno

Visiting Angela Malchionno's studio

Mia, Rici, Evan and Angela 

Angela in her studio 

Rici, Sophay and Anya looking at Angela's artist books

Friday, November 18, 2011

Man on the Bike

Hey, I found a link to what Tom mentioned in the seminar this morning. This guy is really interesting, he makes art under the name Loren Munk and then has something called "the James Kalm report". He goes to all the major shows in NYC so you get to see them when you can't make it! Check it out RS

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pacific Standard Time

Hi all,

Check out this review in the Times about the epic exhibitions happening RIGHT NOW in LA. What I thought was most interesting was this bit at the end:

“Pacific Standard Time” is a great argument for museums concentrating first and foremost on local history, for a kind of cosmopolitan regionalism, if you will. It sets an example that other curators in other cities should follow, beginning in my mind with Chicago and San Francisco. If America has more than one art capital, it probably has more than two.

Is Saint Louis next???

KickA$$ handouts for printmaking

Hey y'all Today during the pronto plate demo Lisa mentioned Kevin Haas and how his website has some handouts about the different technical information in printmaking! They Look like they would be really helpful


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This post is a blast from the past, an article on from 2009! I thought this review of some ART from all over looked interesting. A little something for everyone?