Monday, January 17, 2011

Greely Myatt

Greely Myatt, sculptor and professor of art at the University of Memphis, will be the visiting artist at Island Press this semester! Myatt's work focuses on the importance of objects and art created from labor and craftsmanship. In one article he simply states his approach and process of art making as "the hand, the eye, the heart and the mind, to shape my work in both the making and the viewing." One of the things that are admirable about his work is that he uses recycled materials like road signs or reclaimed wood, echo conscious art work . For example, the traditional "built" quilt patterns are made up of old aluminum street signs. By using scavenged objects, Myatt reworks old materials that come with a past history into a new context within his work which creates an important relationship between the found and the crafted.

Silver Lining, aluminum and aluminum signs

Double Dip, plaster and wood

If you'd like more information on Greely Myatt, heres a really short yet insightful video...