Monday, March 30, 2009

running list

(a better, more related image, like the cover of the latest issue of modern painters will follow soon)

This is something we've talked about - something that an SGC experience can certainly fuel.

Here goes, you'll know what it is:

bears, little girls, deer, taxidermy in general, animals, combined/ hybrid animals, old photos, SKULLS, (two of the above things we even encountered in living breathing dancing form at SGC - dancing bears and skulls in one location), cabinets of curiosities, ethnographic illustrations, dated machinery/ do it yourself manuals..... and the oddest one I can think of, but I did see it a number of times from different artists at SGC...... John Wilkes Booth....

what are these things? Themes? Ideas? Interests? Archetypes? Jungian signifiers of the collective unconscious? Whatever they are - they seem to be occupying us - as artists, as a generation thereof. Do we want to use these in any way? (Maybe in an upcoming exhibition title?)

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