Sunday, November 15, 2009

art and the trendy: reworking the skull

Damien Hirst's For The Love of God

I'm not sure how everyone feels about this, but I feel as if the skull is getting to be pretty exhausted as the hip, edgy thing to "reinvent" all over the art scene. I've always been really interested in how things become trendy in the art world - and in general - and how subsequently, after enough exposure, they tend to lose their power as a compelling or as even an original or interesting image or object. To maybe commemorate and offer up a memento mori of the memento mori, I thought I'd do a brief visual review of some selected favorites... some that still pique my interest, but that leave me uncertain whether they are still provocative or just trite... it's a strange push and pull. 
check it out:

Skullphone digital graffiti

John Espinosa's Skull Prismatic Resurrection 

Brian Dettmer's cassette tape skull

and finally Jim, a "skull artist" actually...
(for more, check out 

How do you feel about art "trends"? How do they affect the way we perceive and respond to certain images or objects?

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