Sunday, November 15, 2009

Interesting Application

I read about this application a few weeks ago in a little blurb in ARTNews. This Add-Art application essentially blocks advertisements on some websites by replacing them with curated images that rotate every two weeks. There are other adblockers out there, but they simply leave a blank space. The Add-Art website provides some brief information about the artists and images. Currently, the show is photographs of the" youth that have taken part in photography workshops faciliated by the Portland, Oregon non-profit My Story." After using this application for a few weeks, I'm still pleasantly surprised to find these images preventing advertisers from taking complete control of my mind. I've noticed that the application works better on more high traffic/popular websites . This application also brings up a curious new way to think about 'curating' a show, strictly online, squeezed between articles and other information, and unpredictable about what will pop up, where, and when. Anyways, I thought this was an interesting idea and has definitely been appreciated in recent times of increased web-surfing.

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