Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Edvard Munch


I did a bit of research on Edvard Munch's prints -- and came across "Man and Woman Kissing Each Other," a woodcut from 1905. The print is dynamic and visually engaging despite its simplicity: the line-work captures only the necessary, expressive details, which heightens its poignancy. Its emotional charge is likewise amplified by the vibrating lines that surround the two central figures.

The print was also appealing to me for its content: "Munch proposes a sense of isolation between a couple [with his use of contrasting colors and his rendering of their facial expressions]... [the viewer is presented with] conflicting messages of passion and emotional ambivalence."

Basically, I chose "Man and Woman Kissing Each Other" because it caught my eye: it's a striking image with an interesting, complex subtext.

Berman, Patricia G., and Nimmen Jane Van. Munch and Women: Image and Myth. Alexandria, VA: Art Services International, 1997. Print.

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