Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art Hansen

This guy is pretty cool. His name is Art Hansen and I found him in a book of contemporary printmakers from the Northwest. He was in his 80's at the time this book was published, and had been making prints for most of his life. He lived on this isolated island and had 20 acres of woodland which was the inspiration for pretty much all of his work throughout his life. He was from the Northwest and eventually returned there, but only after traveling across the world. He spent some time in the military and lived in Europe for a while, realizing while he was abroad that the artworks that he admired most were images of nature. He occasionally did paintings and lithographs but mostly he works with an etching needle due to his love for drawing. I think what drew me (ha) to this artist was the clear love he had for his subject. I think that his dedication to the natural world, having isolated himself with his subject, really shows through into his work.

Allan, Lois. Contemporary Printmaking int he Northwest. Sydney: Craftsman House, 1997. 66-67. 

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