Friday, February 8, 2008

What is a print? says a print is created not by drawing directly on paper, but through an indirect transfer process. In addition, they say that a print is "made up of ink on paper and existing in multiple examples."

If you go to MOMA's Flash site, What is a print?, you can check out their explanation of prints and print processes. It's a nice basic discussion and a good insight into how the rest of the world, if given the chance, understands what we do.


Tony said...

Cool site... It makes it look so easy. I didnt know that you could run a litho stone all the way through the press, Im gonna have to try that, but not before I forward this site to my parents, maybe then they will understand its more than ink on paper (and under my nails and on my clothes).

Jane said...

yeah, I looked at this the other day - definitely gives simple explanations of printmaking that anyone could understand. whenever someone asks me what printmaking is I think I'll refer them to this website, since my explanations never seem to make sense.