Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tracy Emin

Tracey Emin. Just Remember How It Was, 1998. Monoprint on calico with stitching

This work is typical of Emin's confrontational and uninhibited style. To make her monoprints, Emin places a sheet of paper, or cloth in this instance, on an inked glass surface and spontaneously scrawls out words and images. This technique produces single, unique prints. The artist is required to draw and write in reverse, making the process awkward. The use of stitching in this work connects it to Emin's large-scale blankets and other appliqu├ęd work. When seem from a distance, her art has a child-like simplicity which belies its raw expression and directness.

Tracey Emin is a London based artist internationally known for her autobiographical art.
Read more about her at White Cube.

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