Monday, March 19, 2012

‘Tamarind Touchstones’ at Tulane University

SGCI was fantastic. Here are some images from the show at Tulane of Tamarind prints

Fritz Scholder Snake Dancer 1979 
Robert Colescott Of Time and Place 1989 
Phillip Guston  

Kerry Marshall James, Memento 1996

Leslie Dill 

 Ellen Berkenblit Return of Bright Brown 2003-04
Philip Pearlstein Nude of Chief's Blanket 1978

Mark Licari Mr. Clean 2008 
Margo Humphrey Nectarines and Oranges 1981

Joseph Norman Rhythm and Blues: Roosevelt Sykes 1992  
Leon Golub Niobid 1965

Sean Mellyn Boy with Mask 2001

George McNeil Untitled 1971

David Bates Apple Blossom 1998

James McGarrell Nude 1962

Rico Le Brun Flood 1961

Roberto Juarez Creek with Broken Weed 1991

David Storey Boywinkle 1998

David Hare Cronus Hermaphrodite 1972

Liliana Porter Disguise 2000

Polly Apfelbaum Flower Patch 2007

Nicola Lopez Monumento V 2009

Will Mentor Untitled 2004

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