Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Danny's update on thesis work

Hi guys,

So I am coming to the point in my work where I am creating my final pieces/ideas for presentation. I thought this could be a nice way to update everyone as to where I am right now, 1st technically, then conceptually, perhaps more coherently than I could explain in person.

1. facebook /myspace photos
-I am going to draw these as trace monotype drawings, and use a simple paper japanese binding to bind these drawings together into a book form.

2. blanket
-I am re-drawing the lines in the palm of my hand (this time in a more exacting fashion) and am blowing up my palm 2,500% to 5' by 7' woodcut. I wanted to carve this woodcut by hand, but because time is ticking away I plan to use the CNC router in architecture to create this woodcut.

3. shirt woodcuts.
-I created a simple woodcut of a shirt as a way to test some ideas I had with embossment, creating physical an imprint into the paper. My drawing that was on the wood itself drawn in graphite transfered to the paper. I plan to emboss, test this graphite transfer method further, and create more woodcut prints.

4. large trace monotype
-I am working on a 4.5' 6' ish graphite transfer of an enlarged image of my hand. I plan to draw it in two gestures.

Conceptual place:

Portrait (self portraits):

LGBT studies are centered around the lives and stories of lgbt people more so than abstract theory or scientific studies. In my work I am exploring self portraiture. Essentially, the shirt woodcuts, enlarged hand drawing, and blanket piece are all varying forms of self portraiture. The blanket piece which consists of the lines of the palm of my hand, will be printed in black, in woodcut form, creating permanent lines. The shirt woodcuts will be embossed with graphite, but are more ephemeral and more specific to a very specific (almost photographic) moment in time. The large trace monotype is in some ways the most traditional self portrait, because it is a drawing of a part of my physical body (hand). The book of portraits are other people's self portraits that I have gathered, and redrawn, making myself both as an author of the work, but also drawing these portaits in a similar minimal style, drawing a connection between the similarity of this activity of self portraiture.

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