Friday, April 24, 2009

Serious Business!!!

So you know how maybe you haven't seen us all year? That's because we've been working our little tails off making art. And if you want to see us, and our work, you should come to SERIOUS BUSINESS, our show. 

You may potentially see: bears, little girls, maps, Jesus, world markets, guns, grandmas, imaginary creatures, Hungarian influences, obscenity, destruction, obsessiveness, natural fecundity, dots, happy ponies, death, angst, and borderline pornography.

Matt Barker
Judit Bognar
Lindsay Deifik
Mary Ellsworth
Cary Euwer
Nick Francel
Jenie Gao
Trisha Gupta
Derrick Jensen
Laura Mart 
Jonathan Monroe-Cook
Eleanor Ryburn
John Witty

THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS and we all expect to see you there!

1 comment:

Kimmy Sue said...

hello all! I hope the show was fantastic!!! I can't wait to see pictures =)