Friday, February 13, 2009

Buck shot

Down the Barrel by Riah Buchanan, 2009

During some recent web browsing I came across a great example of peer to peer critiquing from Cranbrook Academy. While our large class size here doesn't necessarily allow for the level of insight and detail this critique delves into, there are some worthy things to consider:

a) a description of the item in detail: materials, methods, appearance
b) an interpretation of the possible meaning of the piece based on the observations of materials, methods and appearance
c) a conceptual outline drawing on a source outside of art (here, psychology)
d) a link to an art historical source-an artist who has worked/is working in a similar vein.
e) conclusion: Does the piece work? What can be improved?

I highly recommend that everyone takes a moment to read this evaluation. It could be a valuable tool when critiques roll around (READ: in two weeks) or if a friend asks what you think of their work.

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