Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art House

I just came across this site-it is a project based artists' co-op and much more:

Art House creates massive, nationwide art projects. We host openings for the projects at our gallery in Atlanta, Ga as well as guest galleries around the country. Don't be shy, take a look around and sign up for some of our projects.

art house: a biography

Art House is run by two guys who love bringing a community of artists together.

We started because we came across a lot of really awesome artists and people around the world and we wanted a way to tie everyone together.

Art House has projects. No, we are not your typical gallery. We create, plan, and run giant nationwide shows. We love what we do and love hearing everyone's thoughts.

Run by...

steven peterman

Steven is a Printmaking major at Savannah College of Art and Design. He likes all sorts of things. Especially dogs and cats. He grew up in Hillsborough, NJ, then Moved to Atlanta to go to the Atlanta College of Art.

shane zucker

Shane is a Graphic Design major at Savannah College of Art and Design. When he was younger, he played on a home school basketball team. He is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. His favorite food is mint flavored pasta.

art house gallery

Art House has had many homes. We're just trying to find the perfect one, I suppose. However, we have all kinds of shows at Art House. We especially love to support local and student artists.

Right now they have two opportunities open. A sketchbook project and a 10,000 people project. I plan on signing up for the 10,000 people project. How about you?

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