Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Call for t-shirt designs! Here are some examples of the designs I printed at SIUE with with other Print Council members. We took them to Southern Graphics in Kansas City, and they sold like hotcakes at Open Portfolio. We didn't even have real screens, we used this thing called a thermo fax and pink foam to catch the excess ink behind the shirt.

We made around $500 American dollars between the patches, pins and tees we sold.

The design I'm printing in this pic is "Rock Out" with a mezzotint rocker. One of our most popular designs was a print or die shirt with some kind of dinosaur on it. We also did, you name it. If nothing else, you all get to see a picture of me from grad school. Not much has changed.

Think: Swank Wash U Print Club designs on American Apparel shirts worn by printmakers everywhere. I'm thinking paper sink green with blue ink.

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