Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Learning to love you more

Miranda July, everyone's favorite gamine director/author/performance artist, has the greatest website.

I'm telling you about it because I think that it will inspire even the most reluctant printmaker ever to pick a roller to start something...anything, to see where it will go. Learning to love you more is a site that has "assignments"-not the print 7 prints by Friday type of assignment, but the kind of task that asks us to document our experiences, from clothing to politics. From its humble beginnings as a site, Learning to love you more has become a book, an exhibition, and an ongoing phenomenon that inspires not only artists, but teachers, farmers, senators, and more. Yes, farmers.

So, look at the site. Try the assignments. Make prints and drawings from the things that happen. You can do them in any order.

Most importantly, take a chance, like Miranda July did, and put your thoughts, words and actions out there in a sincere, collaborative way. Post to this blog. Start a conversation. Take a flash photo. Repair something. Make a field guide to your yard.

Set something in motion here: Who knows what it might become.

Seriously, because I'm the only one posting... and I would like to see what happens when everyone takes ownership of this space and engages it. My favorite kind of procrastination is blog hopping.

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